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Where to Get Cannabis Oil in Washington D.C.

When shopping for cannabis products in Washington, D.C., you may be surprised at all the options you have. Not only will you find traditional cannabis buds that most people use for smoking weed, but you will also find a variety of other products.

Cannabis edibles, extracts, and even oils are all available for local cannabis users to purchase. In fact, cannabis oils are becoming one of the most popular cannabis products on the market.

Let’s take a look at what they are, why so many people use them, and where you can purchase cannabis oil in Washington, D.C.

What Is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil falls under the cannabis umbrella of “extracts.” Cannabis oil refers to any type of extract taken from a cannabis or hemp plant. This extract is the thick liquid taken from the plant. Manufacturers can extract this product using different methods, but it is common to use a solvent.

There are many ways users can take cannabis oil. The most popular way is to take the oil sublingually. This consumption method involves placing a drop under the tongue, holding it for a few seconds, and then swallowing it. Sublingual ingestion is not only the most popular method for taking cannabis oil but also the most effective, offering near-immediate results.

Cannabis oil can also be used in other ways, depending on the type of oil. Some people enjoy cooking with cannabis oil and even adding it to drinks. Some types of cannabis oils can also be vaped.  

Types of Cannabis Oil

Types of Cannabis Oil

Before you buy cannabis oil, you’ll want to make sure you get the kind you want. Let’s take a look at the most common types of cannabis oils.

  • CBD Oil. This type of oil comes from isolating and extracting just the CBD from the cannabis plant. CBD is popular because it offers users the calming and relaxing effects cannabis offers, but without the high most people associate with cannabis use. CBD oil can be used topically, sublingually, in capsule form, or added to edibles and other products.
  • THC Oil. This oil has the other popular compound in cannabis, THC. This particular compound is responsible for the high people feel when using cannabis. THC oil can also come in different forms and is often used to make solid THC-infused products such as dabs.
  • Ingestible Oils. This is oil that contains CBD and THC, as well as the other compounds extracted from the cannabis plant. Usually, the cannabis oil is paired with a carrier oil and consumed in drinks or via a capsule.
  • Vaporizer Oil. The final type of oil is available in vape cartridges. This is designed not to be eaten but vaped using an e-cigarette. This oil is available in many flavors to meet different taste preferences.

What to Look for When Buying Cannabis Oil

If cannabis oil sounds like a product you want to try, the next step is buying it. As you shop for cannabis oil in Washington, D.C., you will find many dispensaries that sell various cannabis oils. Not all dispensaries will sell quality products, though. Before you go into the dispensary or make your purchase, do some research about the product.

You’ll want to:

  • Read the ingredients list. You can likely find this on the dispensary’s website or look at it while in the store. There are a few things you’ll want to look for, including if the product contains anything you are allergic to. You’ll also want to make sure it doesn’t say it contains only hemp seed oil as hemp seed oil and cannabis oil are not the same thing.  
  • Look for third-party testing results. Most reputable cannabis oil manufacturers will provide testing results that break down what is in the product in something called a certificate of analysis, or COA. Compare what is on the COA with what is on the label. For example, does the amount of CBD and THC in the oil match what is listed on the COA? Doing this will ensure you are getting the product you think you are buying.
  • Search for an expiration date. Like food, cannabis has a shelf life and won’t last forever. Although cannabis oils can last a long time, check the expiration date to make sure you will be able to use it all before it expires.

These are some quick ways you can ensure you are getting a quality cannabis product. Doing research before you make your purchase will give you peace of mind that you are spending the money on a quality and genuine product.

What to Look for When Buying Cannabis Oil

Where to Get Cannabis Oil in Washington, D.C.

You know what cannabis oil is, and you know what to look for when buying it; but, where can you go to purchase cannabis oil in Washington, D.C.?

You can use online directories to help you find dispensaries in Washington, D.C. Many allow you to note what you would like to find (i.e., cannabis oil or CBD edibles) and put in a radius you are willing to travel. Then, voila, your options will pop up.

With the legalization of cannabis in D.C., there are also cannabis delivery options available, allowing you to stay in and for your product to come to you.

Cannabis Oil: Final Thoughts

Cannabis oil is known for its fast-acting and potent effects. That, along with its versatility, is part of what makes cannabis oil so popular among cannabis users.

There are four different types of cannabis oil, allowing you to choose the best way to take cannabis oil to help you achieve the results you want.

You’ll find many cannabis dispensaries in Washington, D.C. but before you buy, be sure to check out the product itself. This involves not only reading labels on the packaging but also looking for test results that break down what exactly is in your oil.

Finally, online services can help you find a dispensary near you or give you search results based on a specific product you want to buy.