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Weed Delivery Explained: How to Use Marijuana Delivery Services Near You

During the 1960s (and before) through the latter part of the 1990s, most people had to sneak around to buy marijuana. After all, it wasn’t legal to purchase or use. Typically, individuals who enjoyed cannabis knew a person that had a friend who had a connection to someone — you get the gist.

Although getting weed then sometimes required a little effort, it wasn’t hard to find. However, the goal was to avoid getting caught and arrested. All that changed in 1996 when California’s Proposition 215 passed into law. In that state, marijuana became legal. Since that time, more and more states jumped on board to get it legalized. Today, cannabis is legal for recreational and medical use in Canada and 33 states in the U.S.

Buying Cannabis Legally

Today, you can buy marijuana in and around Washington, DC, from various head shops and dispensaries that sell it legally. Even so, the most important thing is to buy weed and associated products from a reputable source.

Although online sales are now a trend, unfortunately, not all of these companies follow the law. That puts them and possibly you in jeopardy. So, if you decide to purchase cannabis via a website in anticipation of getting it delivered to your home, you need to make sure you go to a trusted and legal source.

Getting Marijuana Delivered

If you want to buy cannabis, whether to smoke, vape, consume, or apply it to your skin using a topical product, you have three primary options for getting it delivered.

  1. Online Buying – If you work with a reputable source, you can order marijuana online and have a driver bring it directly to you.
  2. Inperson Buying – Sometimes, people prefer to visit a head shop or dispensary in Washington, DC, or the surrounding area to look at the various products in person. Based on their circumstance, some will grab what they bought right then and there, while others will take advantage of the available delivery service.
  3. Over the Phone Buying – You can also order cannabis over the phone. An individual with good knowledge of marijuana working for a highly respected head shop or dispensary can provide you with vast information. After deciding what you want and paying for it, a driver will deliver it.

Keep in mind that the top sources for marijuana in Washington, DC take extra care when hiring delivery drivers. These individuals must pass a thorough criminal background check. They must also possess a valid driver’s license and, if using their vehicles, have full automobile insurance coverage.

Depending on the head shop or dispensary, some use a third-party company to deliver marijuana to customers. These companies specialize in this particular type of service. As such, they meet strict criteria and follow all laws. However, some places deliver products themselves. Either way, the person making the run is someone who’s trusted and qualified.

Key Benefits of Marijuana Delivery Services

Key Benefits of Marijuana Delivery Services

Everyone has a reason for wanting weed and accessories delivered. For this, there isn’t a right or wrong answer. The following are the four top benefits of using a marijuana delivery service provided by a Washington, DC head shop or dispensary.

1. Convenience

Most people have extremely busy schedules. Whether working or going through daily tasks, they have little time to do much else. Then, when you add in the responsibilities of running a household, things become a little more chaotic.

Instead of feeling stressed trying to find time to visit a dispensary or head shop in person, they can place an order online or via phone. After ordering what they want, they can sit back and relax until a driver shows up at their door. This adds tremendous value to an already important service.

2. Discretion

While some individuals don’t care who knows that they smoke, vape, eat, or apply cannabis products, some do. After all, the list of people who use marijuana is quite vast. That includes college students, mothers, doctors, politicians, celebrities, and more. So, in certain cases, discretion is a key benefit of marijuana delivery services.

Still, many people don’t want others getting into their personal business, which is understandable. Even though using pot for recreational and medical purposes is legal in Washington, DC, it’s still illegal, according to the federal government. So, depending on a person’s career, using weed could affect their job. Delivery service is also an excellent option for anyone with a nosey neighbor.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility goes hand-in-hand with the benefit of convenience. For a lot of people, juggling life’s responsibilities is a serious challenge. When you buy marijuana from a trusted head shop or dispensary that offers delivery services, most often, they’ll do whatever they can to accommodate your schedule.

If you work odd hours, can’t leave the house for one reason or another, or simply want to enjoy having marijuana come to you instead of going to get it, the flexibility of delivery services is a huge bonus.

Cost Savings

4. Cost Savings

As the price of gas continues to rise, driving around is quite expensive. Especially if you live on the outskirts of Washington, DC, and the nearest head shop or dispensary is a long way from your home, you’ll ultimately spend less by having pot delivered to you.

Remember, when you buy cannabis and other CBD products from the right source, not only can you choose from a broad range of products but also get them for an affordable price. That, combined with having the cannabis delivered, means you spend less overall.

The Bottom Line

Whether you use marijuana to enjoy a euphoric effect or for medical reasons, make sure you buy it from a head shop or dispensary in or around Washington, DC, that adheres to current laws and regulations.

Also, ask the source what options you have to purchase what you want. More than likely, it’ll have a website where you can see all the different products available. However, if you prefer to order weed over the phone, you want to feel confident that the person helping you is knowledgeable when it comes to cannabis.