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How Much Does Marijuana Cost?

For the longest time, marijuana had been a commodity that has been dealt with under the table. Deals were done discreetly while speaking of it in hushed tones. In those days, prices of weed were largely dependent on the seller’s whims. There was little to no information on the internet concerning the price of the product. You had to pay what your seller asked for because there were limited options and even less information on prices that others offered—that is, if you could even find them.

However, those days are gone. Some marijuana enthusiasts even say that soon, there might be some major marijuana selling or growing companies trading on the stock exchange. In this day and age, weed has become an open discussion from the average user to major bigwigs. Moreover, in some states, you can legally purchase a bit of your favorite strain from a dispensary or corner store.

An Overview

However, how do you know if you are paying the right amount for your Mary Jane dose? The market has become flooded with these products, and marketers have different prices. Do not be afraid, though. Here is a concise but comprehensive guide on the cost of marijuana in Washington, D.C. Here, you will find out what the going rate of weed is in your region, as well as what makes the prices vary.

Marijuana Pricing

The price of your favorite weed flavor largely depends on the quantity and quality you want to buy. Some of the most common amounts that are used in the industry include:

  • One G, which is equivalent to one gram
  • One ounce, which is equal to 28 grams
  • An eighth ounce, which is equal to 3.5 grams
  • A quarter ounce, which is equal to seven grams
  • Half an ounce, which is 14 grams

Marijuana Pricing

How Much Weed You Can Purchase

In Washington, D.C., if you are 21 or older, you can buy and carry a maximum of two ounces at a time. It is a question that many newbie weed users frequently ask. If you are within the legal requirements of your respective region, how much you should buy largely depends on the frequency of usage and your tolerance level. Depending on your experience, a gram can last you for one session or throughout the day. Experienced users suggest starting small since you can always get more from the dispensary.

Cost of Marijuana

The cost of marijuana will vary depending on the particular dispensary, tax implications, the quality of the weed, and your location. Just like the prices of most commodities, the more you buy, the more likely you are to pay less on average. The typical cost of marijuana is as follows:

  • $7 to $20 for one gram
  • $30 to $60 for an eighth
  • $50 to $120 for a quarter
  • $100 to $225 for half an ounce
  • $170 to $375 for an ounce

These prices just give you a general idea of what marijuana costs. However, other factors also have a big role in determining its cost.

Factors Affecting Marijuana Cost

Here are a few things to keep in mind concerning the cost of weed.

  • The Quality of the Buds – The overall quality of cannabis buds affects how much money you will have to part with. For instance, you will have to pay more for strains that have larger, thumb-sized buds. On the other hand, if the flower buds are popcorn-sized or smaller, you will pay less. Also, the quality of trimming is a huge factor in determining marijuana prices. This is because overly leafy buds affect the smoke produced negatively.
  • The Potency of the Weed – This is one of the major aspects that affect the cost of weed. If the marijuana has a higher concentration of cannabidiols such as CBD and THC in the buds, you will have to pay more. The potency in marijuana strains can be a result of the strain’s genetics. For this reason, some strains are more potent, making them more expensive.
  • The Freshness of the Weed – This is another factor that affects the cost of marijuana. When the weed is drier and older, it loses some of its flavor and fragrance. Additionally, it may also lose its potency because cannabidiols and terpenes begin breaking down due to exposure. For example, the decarboxylation process degrades THC to CBN, diminishing its psychoactive effects. To determine freshness, simply make a visual inspection and sniff it. The smell should be fresh and fragrant.

Price of Marijuana in DC

Price of Marijuana in D.C. Compared to the Rest of the U.S.

According to data that is crowd-sourced from different research, the average cost of an ounce of marijuana is about $324, nationally. For states that have decriminalized or legalized weed, the prices have fallen below $300. In Washington, D.C., however, commercial sale of marijuana is not legal, but you can get it for recreational use. Because of such legal prohibitions, the price of an ounce of weed is relatively high, at about $506.

Also, the government imposes taxes on recreational and medical marijuana in most states. Washington, D.C., has a 5.75 percent sales tax on medical marijuana. Dispensaries and delivery services are forced to transfer this price to consumers. This makes the cost of weed soar even higher.

The Take-Away

Whether you are in Washington, D.C., or any other state in the U.S., the cost of weed is relative to your region. This is dependent on the factors named above. One thing that’s for certain: The cost of weed will continue to fall as more states relax their restrictions on marijuana and more players get involved in the industry.

 If you want to know more about how much your favorite marijuana strain costs, visit DC’s Cannabis Services for more information.