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6 Reasons to Properly Store Cannabis

Who doesn’t want quality stash whenever they feel like lighting up a joint? Proper storage is a key factor when it comes to the quality of your weed. Yes, you can’t just put your stash in a sandwich baggie — not if you want it to preserve its quality. If your weed comes into contact with high temperatures or air moisture, you risk losing its potency.

Many cannabis consumers hardly understand the myriad benefits associated with proper stashing of cannabis. They may not even have a clue how to store it right. Cannabis doesn’t come cheap. And I bet you love to protect your investment.

Below are seven reasons why storing your cannabis properly is crucial. Then, let’s look at several tips for proper stashing. 

Let’s dive right in.

To Avoid Contamination

If you leave your weed out in the open or in a container that isn’t sealed properly, the chances are it will get contaminated by foreign substances. Common weed contaminants include:

  • Microbes
  • Pesticides
  • Heavy metals

Contaminated cannabis has serious implications on your health in the form of carcinogenicity, infections, and reproductive issues.

To Keep Its Potency Intact

Poor storage correlates with the decrease in potency of your flower. If your weed is exposed to heat sources, it may lose its potency within a couple of weeks or months. Cannabis with low potency tastes different. It doesn’t have the tasty, earthy flavor that you’re used to. And it’s not as pleasant to smoke. Your cannabis can last for a year with minimal losses in potency. This is possible only if you store it properly after purchase

To Maintain Its Freshness

The best high often comes from fresh cannabis. And the best way to keep your weed fresh is to store it properly. Fresh weed will not feel spongy or disintegrate when you touch it. When it loses its freshness, the weed becomes either too moist or too dry. If this happens, be ready for nasty changes in potency and texture.

Stashing your weed in an airtight container will help conserve its freshness and potency. This way, you will get to enjoy the fresh scent and flavor of your weed whenever you light up for a smoking session.

To Keep the Weed From Falling Into the Wrong Hands

To Keep the Weed From Falling Into the Wrong Hands

You don’t want your pets to get access to your weed. It can harm them if they unknowingly chew on it. Also, your little one may come across your edibles and consume them, thinking these are regular cookies. 

Remember, marijuana laws prohibit the use of weed by persons below 21 years. Adolescents may not be able to control themselves from the intoxicating effects associated with cannabis. Furthermore, they may overindulge, leading to serious health effects. So, proper storage can help you keep your pot away from your adolescent kids. 

To Avoid Mold Growth

If you store your stash in a location that is too humid or moist, the chances are mold will grow on it. Remember, moisture is the breeding ground for molds.

First, mold lowers the THC content of your cannabis. Second, mold-infested cannabis is harmful to smoke because it will damage your lungs. This exposes you to serious respiratory health problems. The solution is to store your cannabis in a sealable container where air moisture can’t penetrate. 

To Avoid Pest Infestation

Keeping your weed carelessly in the house will attract pests into your home. Insects, rodents, and bugs love weed as well. Remember, bugs carry bacteria and parasites, which can cause harmful health effects when deposited on your weed. Store your weed in a proper container and place it in a location that is unreachable to pests.

How to Store Your Weed Well

Now that you know the importance of storing cannabis properly, it’s important to learn about the best storage methods. Below are a few storage tips:

Place It in a Cool Environment

Exposing your marijuana to hot temperatures will cause it to dry out, and the terpenes will waste away. So don’t keep your bag of weed in a heater.

Equally, storing your weed in freezing temperatures is not recommended. The freezer will cause your weed to freeze and easily break. Plus, the trichomes will burst, causing the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes. The result is a weed that is less potent, less aromatic, and less flavorful.

A drawer or closet should work just fine. The ideal room temperature for proper storage should be between 55 degrees and 74 degrees.

Place It in a Cool Environment

Store It in a Dark Environment

Light exposure will break down and fritter away the cannabinoids and terpenes in your weed. Keep your storage containers in a dark room. And make sure the containers are opaque.

Use an Airtight Container

If weed is left exposed to air, it will dry out. At the same time, the oxygen degrades its cannabinoids and terpenes. The proper way to store it is in an airtight container.

The rule of thumb when it comes to storage containers for weed is to go for glass. The good thing with glass containers is that they are airtight and don’t add anything to the smell and flavor of the weed.

Avoid using plastic or metal storage containers because they affect the scent and flavor of your weed. Plus, plastics contain a static charge that causes trichomes to break off the buds and attach to the sides of the container.

Also, make sure the containers you use for weed storage are clean and free from water droplets that could spur mold spores.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis bud is a delicate plant material. Leaving your stash exposed to unrestricted heat, humidity, or light will make its THC content fritter away. To preserve the potency, flavor, and aroma of your cannabis, proper storage is a must.

Follow the above-mentioned storage tips to store your weed properly at home. By doing so, it should stay fresh for as long as possible. This will guarantee you a pleasant smoking session whenever you light up.